Time, Date & Info

The 2017 VP Digital Game Jam will take place after close of business July 11th - July 13th

The Silver Spring office will be congregating in The District


Can I work with a team?


I need a Windows machine for the engine I am using. What do?

You will need to fend for yourself here - if you have a Windows laptop or tower, feel free to bring it in.

When will we be working?

We will start around 5:30pm on July 11th. All non-business hours from then until midnight of July 13th are Jam Time (TM)

I've never made a game before - should I participate?

YES! This is intended for everyone to come, especially those who have never made a game before. Building a game is a totally different way to think about programming, designing, and HCI.

I'm not a programmer - should I participate?

Absolutely. Anything you can do to contribute is great. Do you make music? Do you want to make music? Can you do art of any kind? Do you have an idea? Do you want to just hang out and playtest games? The more the merrier!