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A recent big hitter in the indie game dev world, Unity is a powerful 3d engine (with 2d capabilities) that has a large asset store to help you get started without needing extensive artistic knowledge. The editor provides a graphical interface and allow for coding with C# or Unity flavored JavaScript. Notable games made with Unity include "Firewatch" and "Trine".

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GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker is a long standing platform for the 2-D development crowd. It has limited 3-D ability. GameMaker has a stunningly simple interface for making cross-platform games. It provides a drag and drop interface for basic development, and an extensive programming language (GML) for more powerful development. Notable games made with GameMaker include "Hotline Miami" and "Undertale"

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Phaser is an HTML5 game framework that allows for rapid development using JavaScript. It is cross platform by nature since it allows running in the browser, and leverages WebGL and Canvas to render its graphics.

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